Project Got Your Back, seeks to serve as the backbone organization in Minnesota to grow and sustain collective impact to support all MN 'Military Connected' (currently serving, prior service, veterans, families and caregivers).  We work across the state to identify resources (public and private) and then strategically connect individuals, communities, and regions where we can.  The resulting outcome is improved awareness and engagement unifying efforts to honor and support 'Military Connected' in MN.

In 2019, we joined our leadership with Twin Cities Military Network (a group of Fortune 100&500 Twin Cities Corporate Headquartered Companies).  Twin Cities Military Network members consist of leaders of ERGs (Military employee resource groups/affinity groups).  Together we can do more!


The Twin Cities Military Network is a group of Minnesota based Fortune 500 companies coming together to help each other with Veteran hiring and retention.


We also work closely with national partners to bring best practices to MN and align MN efforts to what is happening across the nation to be more efficient and effective.  Our newest project is helping to bring E2020 to the Twin Cities, a networking and resource event to solve the needs of 'Military Connected'.  For more information on the entire project visit the collaborative MN Military & Veteran Exchange www.MNme.us site.


The Minnesota Military & Veterans Exchange (MNme) is a coalition and community with one simple goal: to create a rallying point for all things related to creating healthier military and veteran communities.

There are hundreds of tools and organizations created to support currently serving, prior service members, their families, and caregivers. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to know where to start looking. MNme raises awareness and provides organized, effective access to the resources available to the Minnesota military and veteran community.

  • We Strive to Facilitate Meaningful Connections
  • We Leverage the Collective Impact of the Military and Veteran Community
  • We are Dedicated to All Minnesota 'Military Connected'
  • We Focus on Health, Stability, and Purpose
  • We Raise the Profiles of the Minnesota Veteran Community

Men and women from every military branch form a community bonded by their commitment to serve. Having served, these individuals often find themselves grappling with a vast array of unique circumstances. Unfortunately, there is no one-size approach the community can take to address these situations. Instead, we must come together to create a network, a consolidated hub of communication. MNme is that hub.

We raise awareness of the existing supportive community and strengthen the connections military, veterans, their families and caregivers have to that community. We encourage all organizations that honor and support service members and veterans to use this site to find each other, connect, share information, and collaborate.